10 Things Every Preschooler Should Know

Preschoolers should have a basic understanding of letters, sight words, colors, letter sounds, and basic concepts of print.

Preschoolers should have a basic understanding of language, including the ability to recognize some sight words, identify words that rhyme and recognize some letter-sound relationships. They should also be able to recognize some letters of the alphabet and their corresponding sounds. Additionally, preschoolers should be able to understand simple stories and retell them in their own words, as well as begin to recognize some basic concepts of print such as the directionality of reading (left to right). Finally, they should be able to recognize some basic punctuation marks and how they are used.

Preschoolers should have a basic understanding of numbers, shapes, counting, colors and basic problem solving.

Preschoolers should focus on developing their basic math skills such as counting, understanding cardinality (i.e. the last number they counted represents the total number of items), and recognizing numbers and shapes. Additionally, it is important for preschoolers to learn the basic operations of addition and subtraction, as well as beginning skills in measurement, spatial reasoning, and problem-solving. Teaching these foundational math skills in a fun and interactive way can help young children develop a love of learning math that will last a lifetime.

Additionally, preschoolers need to develop a range of skills.

Preschoolers should have a basic understanding of how to identify and express their emotions, how to interact with others in a respectful manner, and important safety rules. It is also important for preschoolers to develop their language skills, physical coordination, and fine motor skills.

To help support these skills, preschoolers should be encouraged to read, engage in imaginative play, draw and paint, build with blocks, and practice writing and tracing. These activities not only help to stimulate physical and cognitive development, but can also help to foster emotional development.

10 Things Every Preschooler Should Know

  1. Basic Numeracy Skills – counting, adding, and subtracting numbers.
  2. Basic Literacy Skills – recognizing letters, reading simple words, and writing.
  3. Social Skills – learning how to interact with others, express their feelings, and work together.
  4. Critical Thinking Skills – learning how to identify patterns and solve problems.
  5. Self-Care Skills – learning how to take care of their own basic needs, such as brushing teeth and washing hands.
  6. Personal Safety Skills – recognizing potential dangers and how to respond in a safe way in different situations.
  7. Motor Skills – learning how to move their body, such as running and jumping.
  8. Artistic Skills – learning how to create and appreciate art.
  9. Healthy Habits – understanding the importance of healthy eating, exercising, and getting enough sleep.
  10. Respect for Others – developing empathy and understanding different perspectives.

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