Here are 5 easy things you should do now if you are expecting twins

5 Things You Should Do If You Are Expecting Twins

Congrats you are expecting TWINS!

You might feel overwhelmed, scared, and anxious but hopefully excited too.

These were all the feelings I felt when the nurse said, “Guess what it’s… twins!” I actually burst out in tears. How could you not, right?

I will never forget that moment.

A magnitude of strong feelings rushed through me. My heart started beating so fast and I couldn’t control my emotions.  While I waited to see my doctor I just stared at the ultrasound picture. “Oh my gosh is this really true? Can I do this?” It took my husband and I years to be ready for another child mostly due to me being scared of having postpartum depression again. I was completely terrified. I didn’t ever want to feel paralyzed again, to feel like I had no control over my emotions. Enough about that, if you want to know more read this post.  I’m sure that sounds scary but if you are aware of the signs and symptoms of PPD then you can stop it! Side note, I knew what to do after the twins were born so I didn’t have postpartum depression again.

After a few days of letting this sink in, I began to be more excited and less anxious.

I just knew if I was organized and started planning I would feel better. So lists, registries and Pinterest became my world. If you stay organized this will ease the overwhelmed feeling you might have. Check out my board on Pinterest.

I also found great deals using resale sites. So don’t worry, 2 babies doesn’t mean everything will be twice as expensive. You just have to be smart about purchases.  Some items are fine used but others you might want new.

Lastly, I joined a twin mom support group online.  Twin moms love to share ideas of what work for them.  It really is great to have a group of moms that know exactly what you are going through. So don’t be afraid to ask for help! Get organized! And get excited for these little bundles of joy to arrive!

5 Things You Should Do If You Are Expecting Twins:

1. Know the signs & symptoms of PPD

2. Get organized

3. Start planning

4. Find great deals

5. Join a support group

Here’s my 1st ultrasound when I found out I was expecting TWINS!!

Here are a few amazing products that helped me!!

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