car trips with kids

5 Tips to Make Car Trips with Kids Easier

car trips with kids

We are in the Holiday Season! Pumpkins, Turkeys, Santa and LONG road trips. Many parents can get anxious and stressed this time of year but going to visit your family shouldn’t be one of them. I have found 5 great tips to make car trips with kids easier. These can help your kids and YOU have an easy road trip thats also fun!

1. Special bag/container for each child

Having all your child’s items in their own bag helps keep everything organized. This can climate possible arguing over toys and items. You can have your older kids, ages 3 and up, help pack their bag with their favorite small toys. My biggest rule for packing the bag is that they can only bring what can fit. No exceptions.

2. Paper/Crayons

These two items are THE most important for successful car trips! Drawing and coloring keep kids entertained for the longest. Plus it works for kids ages 1 and up! I love how something so simple can still be one of the best activities for kids.

3. Small Suprises

One of my favorite things to do before a trip is run up to the Dollar Tree and pick up a few items to surprise my kids with. Yes, these items usually only last on the trip but to me it is worth it. Kids always get excited when something is a surprise plus something new. You can’t go wrong! I usually pick up alphabet cards, rhyming cards, notebook, small figurines to name a few.

4. DVDs

I will admit putting on a movie, tv show or songs can be a blessing when kids get antsy. I try to have one show that the kids are familiar with or their favorite and then one or two that are new. This can help keep interest.

5. Snacks

Snacks can be both exciting and fun. I like to find snacks that keep crumbs to a minimum and aren’t very messy. Some of my favorites are larabars, bananas, grapes and individualized snack bags like Annie’s bunnies.

Hope this helps you! Just remember if you plan ahead and pack well you can have a super fun trip filled with great memories!

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