5 Truths About Being a Stay-At-Home Mom

There are many careers that can be both challenging and fulfilling and being a stay-at-home mom is definitely one of them. Today I am going to be completely honest with you and expose the truths about being a SAHM. Some truths might be surprising while others are expected. I just want all the SAHMs to get noticed and understood by other SAHMs as well as by others. Many people have no idea all the jobs one has when they are a SAHM.

1. It’s a Juggling Act

When you are a SAHM you perform or undertake many jobs. Some include a laundress, cook, entertainer, shopper, maid, tutor…to name a few. Many people have the misconception that you are playing all day. To them this sounds easy and fun so naturally they might not understand why you are stressed out.

2. It Can Be Very Lonely

Talking to kids all day without much adult conversation can be very lonely. You might feel isolated from the world. This can cause depressed feelings. The best ways to help decrease loneliness is to get out more. It can be something as simple as going to the park. Schedule play dates weekly. Go to your local children’s museum and library. If you are financially able join a music or art class. There are also mommy workout groups called stroller strides where you can be social and get in shape. It’s a win-win situation!

3. You Might Feel Unfulfilled

When you aren’t out in your field you might not feel like you are challenged intellectually. Let me be clear, taking care of your kids can be a fulfilling job but there are a lot of mundane tasks. There is a difference going to work everyday and taking steps to further your career. You might feel like you lost your identity. Taking care of your kids should be your highest priority. You just need to find the balance that works for you. Some moms are completely happy staying home with their kids 24/7 while others might need a part-time or full-time job. No matter what path you take as long as you are loving with your kids you are doing what is best for them and your family.

4. You Don’t Get “ME” Time

You are constantly with your kids, which I’m not saying is a bad thing but you need a break. You shouldn’t feel guilty that you want to work out or need to call a friend. Some people might think that SAHMs have so much extra time on their hands…some might ask, “What do you do while your kids are napping?” First of all, they might not all nap at the same time or you might need to lay down after running around doing errands and playing with the kids all morning. Or this might be time to wash dishes or do laundry without getting interrupted.

5. You Often Feel Guilty

This can either come from not contributing financially or wanting “me” time and afraid to ask for help. You shouldn’t feel this way…even though I do this myself from time to time. I try to turn it around and look at how much my family is saving by not sending our kids to daycare or parent’s day out programs. You shouldn’t feel guilty asking someone to watch your kids so you can have a little time for yourself. Sometimes my favorite free time activity is grocery shopping. Boring right? lol

Being a SAHM is very challenging but can be fulfilling as well. It is the only career where you can have endless amounts of quality time with your kids. I know when I look back one day I will treasure these special years with my little ones. We have made wonderful memories.

The one thing I have learned through these years is that you still need to have a balance between your personal time and your kids. Try and find a way to have a couple hours a week…or more for yourself. Don’t lose your passions, don’t lose yourself. You need to be strong and healthy in body and mind to be able to take care of your kids in the best possible way.

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    1. You are too sweet Lisa! And yes, moms need to recognize what works and doesn’t work for them. Then they can make changes to be more effective for their kids.

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