No one really has it all together. What we all have in common is the willing desire to be the best mom we can be.

No Mom is Perfect

Do u ever see that one mom that has her makeup perfectly done and has on beautiful clothes? And to make you feel worse her kids all have their hair fixed in cute hairstyles. These mom are rare! But to be fair the truth is that maybe this is the best day they have had in months. They might have had help that morning or woke up super early or maybe they are just lucky. All I know is that you need to take that feeling of why can’t I be like that and forget it. Sorry moms but no one, I repeat no one really has it all together. No mom is perfect!

It’s ok not to be 100%. It’s ok not to be in shape. It’s ok to lose your cool. It’s ok to have loads of laundry undone. It’s ok to have a sink full of dishes. It’s ok not to be perfect!

What all moms do have in common is the willing desire to be the best mom we can be. If that means putting on our favorite workout clothes, just because they are comfortable, and hair in a knot bun then so be it. As long as your kids are happy and healthy what more can you really ask for. There are always pressures and standards to live up to, but we need to make our own judgement of what makes us complete and happy. 

Remember these 3 things:

1. No mom is perfect!

2. We only can do the best we can.

3. If your child feels loved today then you did your job!                               

It’s really as easy as that!

2 thoughts on “No Mom is Perfect”

  1. I have mom Guilt every day with my oldest son. I feel responsible when he is sad and always checking on his well being. I want my kids to always be happy although that is not realistic. I am also feeling good knowing that no mom is perfect and is ok to let your kids know that as well.

    1. You are right! Being a mom is super hard and we have to find a way to let go of our guilt. As long as our kids feel loved then we did our job!

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