Imaginative Play for Kids builds real-life skills. Problem-solving, visualizing & creative thinking. As parents it is important to encourage your child to use their imagination.

How to Encourage Your Child’s Imaginative Play

Do you ever see a child out in public wearing a costume or an outfit that was clearly picked out by the child? I have to say before I was a parent I didn’t understand this…I thought this was ridiculous and that costumes should just be for playing at home! But you need to encourage your child’s imaginative play.

Since I’ve become a parent I have changed so many perspectives and ideas I thought before.  Yes, I admit I have done so many things while parenting that I said I would NEVER do! I now love when my daughter wears costumes out to the grocery store, park and running errands to name a few. Now I do have some rules where she can’t wear them, probably pretty obvious right?

As a former teacher I have found that imaginative play is very important. A child is using real-life skills that you might not realize.

Imaginative Play can build real-life skills: 

  • Creative Thinking
  • Visualizing
  • Problem-Solving
  • Creativity

With some children imaginative play comes easy, while others need encouragement. We as parents need to encourage our children to use imagination in many aspects of life.  Imagination opens a door of possibilities and creativity which in part expands their mind to new things.   It truly is a gift given to all of us. It is up to us to not hinder this, but to support & nurture their imagination through play.

How to Encourage Your Child’s Imaginative Play

  • Schedule free play
  • Limit Screen Time
  • Play with them-show them how to pretend
  • Give them items from around the house- old shoes, blankets, boxes
  • Let them think out-of-the-box-don’t put restrictions on their ideas
  • Let them play in a different room than the usual

10 thoughts on “How to Encourage Your Child’s Imaginative Play”

  1. I am all about encouraging imaginative play. We went out to dinner last night with my son dress as Thor. I am right there with you!

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