Family Night Traditions bring so much joy and fun to a family.

How to Start a Family Movie Night Tradition

A new school year has begun and things can get hectic with homework, practices and other extra-curricular activities.  So now is the time to set aside a night for a Family Movie Night that can become a wonderful tradition you can all look forward to.

A family night can be both easy and fun!

It can bring so much joy to your whole family!


  • Do away with distractions (phones, computers)
  • Write the night on your calendar (weekly or monthly)
  • Choose your meal
  • Choose your dessert
  • Of course choose your movie! You can let your kids take turns picking out the movie.
  • Get a couple blankets (for cuddling!)

Lately we have been having movie night on Saturdays and our oldest, Mikayla, gets to pick out the movie and dessert. Now, when her twin sisters are older she will have to take turns with them.  We also have special pajamas, that we got at Target, that Mikayla wears…only for family night. This makes the night even more special!

I always draw a tv icon on our monthly calendar and when my daughter sees the icon she gets so excited! She counts down the days! It is almost crazy how much joy something so simple can bring to our whole family. Honestly, my husband and I look forward to this night as well. 

It is a time we can all be together with no distractions.

Of course all sharing one blanket on the couch is just so sweet. Making family night a tradition is so important.  It makes your children feel special…and having it weekly gives them a sense of security. They can expect this to happen.

When you have a family movie night you can look forward to a night that is full of laughs, yummy food, treats and most importantly QUALITY time filled with LOVE!

Here are a couple ways to make movie night special! These T-shirts come in child and adult sizes!

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