Magnetic Monthly Calendar

Ok I’ll be honest even though I think this is a little embarrassing. I get giddy when I find a new idea that helps organize the chaos. Seriously I’ll jump up and down when I find something good, easy and pretty budget friendly. I feel like I need a good introduction for this product… drum-roll please!! Introducing my magnetic dry-erase monthly Calendar!!!!!!!!

I really can’t say enough about how it has changed my life. I’ve had it over a year now and it still is in brand new condition. Since it is a dry-erase magnetic board (really thin) it is very clean lined and doesn’t cause clutter. I can’t stand clutter! The best part is it turns planning into fun for the whole family.

My oldest can’t wait to see the new month. She instantly looks for my icons even though my drawing is pretty awful. But, when she sees the TV she knows that means movie night,  ballet slippers, dance and so on. I even find my husband looking at events on the weekend or what’s for dinner that week. I also use 4 different colors that stand for things. Purple is fun for my oldest daughter, blue is for appointments and red is for birthdays.

Of course I might need to add a couple more colors when my twins get a little older. Happy planning!!

Here is a link to purchase my favorite monthly calendar!


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