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Day 1 Making Mom Life Easier

Hi, bonjour, hola. There are many languages around the world that can make you feel disconnected from others, but I have found something that can unite women everywhere.


Whether you are a single mom, working mom or other, motherhood unites us as soon as you are pregnant or in the process of adopting…it’s almost an unspeakable bond that we share.

But let me be frank. Being a mom is hard. Some say, including me, that it is the hardest job out there. Think about all you do in one day. It is almost impossible to list out everything you do for your children. 

So this is the reason I am taking the leap of faith and starting a blog to hopefully help just one mom out there get through her day, week or year. I hope you join me in this journey and find some comfort, peace, strength or happiness that will help make mom life a little easier!

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