Moms get SICK. But how can everything be done? How will your kids survive?

Moms Get Sick Too

I know this sounds unreal but this happens…moms get SICK. 

But how can everything be done? How will your kids survive? These were questions that were going through my head this morning. Yes it happened. I got sick. Moms get sick too!

I woke up with a horrible migraine and fever.

I went about my day as any other made breakfast played with the twins but my oldest daughter noticed I was different. She was sweet enough to help me out with her sisters. This really is a big gesture because they are only 1 and they both currently have colds.

Lucky for me it was Saturday so my husband also was there to help.

So we all hung out in the living room but I still needed more. Lunch rolled around and my fever was worse. At this point even my thick robe couldn’t stop me from shaking. My husband kept offering to help but I refused.

It is very hard for me to accept help.

I admit it. I feel like I’m a failure if I can’t do my job. Disclosure real quick, you shouldn’t ever think this!! When you are not alone you should ask for help! All moms need a good support system, then we we are struggling all we have to do is ask for help. 

Finally, I relinquished control and asked my husband to help me.

He finished lunch while I went and laid on the couch with lots of blankets. This really was the best decision I could make. Because of these 20 min I was able to get my fever down and my migraine started to lessen. Then, the rest of the day I was pretty much myself and got to enjoy my family. Who knew asking for a little help would be so beneficial!!

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10 thoughts on “Moms Get Sick Too”

  1. Being sick as a mom is the worst. For single moms, this can be even worse. Moms also need the downtime to get better and the kids don’t understand you need that to be back on your feet. Just take one day at a time.

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