morning routine for school days

Easy Morning Routine for School Days

Who gets anxiety about not getting your child ready in time for school? Sometimes it seems no matter what you do, you are always rushing. But if you follow a routine, you can actually have some quality time with your child before school. This makes morning time something to look forward to. You want your kids to go to school feeling refreshed and ready for the day with a positive attitude!

Here is an EASY MORNING ROUTINE FOR SCHOOL DAYS  that works for me and my family.

1 hour before leaving the house:

  1. Get Dressed

If you have your child’s outfit already picked out the night before then this process should be easy! No last minute changes or struggles!

      2.Eat Breakfast /Fix Hair

Make sure your kids have a breakfast food that will energize them for the day. They need to refuel! You can’t go wrong with a protein and a carb. One of our favorites is cereal with a side of peanut butter toast.

      3.Pack Lunch/ Kids brush teeth

Don’t forget to include the 5 groups of foods! Protein, fruit, veggie, drink, & snack. 

30 min.before leaving the house/bus arrives

      4. Play outside/read a book/last minute quick chores 

This is the perfect time to have some quality time with your kids. Find ways to motivate them for the day and make sure they feel loved and supported.

      5. Off to school

Laying out what needs to be done and in a certain amount of time helps you to stay on track and reduce anxiety. So pick out how long you need to get ready and write down what needs to get done in that certain amount of time. Decide with your family of what your easy morning routine for school days will list. Post in on your fridge or near your kitchen for easy access.

Have a great morning!


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