My Real Mama Moments: Let’s Make a Change

After lots of thinking and reflecting on my blog, Easy Life Mom I have decided that I want to add something new.  This idea was partially thought out from my last post, Social Media: Friend or Foe to Moms? Finally, after months and months of trying to help other moms I feel like I found my calling!

I want to start a movement, a big change in social media. 

I hope becoming more “real” and sharing more “real mom moments” will reach those moms who are struggling quite possibly on a daily basis.  I want to get rid of the stigma that you have to showcase your perfect moments with your kids. This is not real life. 

In order to do this I need YOUR help.

I want as many moms as I can reach to start posting their “real” moments.  The crazy, messy, fun moments. The ones you think twice about posting and usually don’t. This is life. This is real mama moments. 

So I’m asking you to begin posting those pics and please add the hashtag #myrealmamamoments and let’s all share together. Let’s share the good, bad and ugly pics.  The ones that make up our daily life.  I hope this change in social media will help more moms feel that they are NOT alone. I truly believe this movement will cause relief, happiness, laughter and support for a vast majority of moms.

So are you with me? If so go on instagram or whichever outlet you choose and start posting today! Please share this idea with your friends, family & co-workers.

Let’s join together and post many #myrealmamamoments!!  

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