getting ready for the new school year

Getting Ready for the New School Year

A new school year brings an array of emotions. Scared, excited & anxious to name a few. Being prepared and organized can always helps calm the nerves. Here is an easy list to complete before the 1st day of school so you and your child will be ready for the new school year!

New School Year Checklist 

  1. Purchase school supplies
  2. Label & organize supplies
  3. Make a list of lunches that you can rotate weekly
  4. Ease into earlier bedtimes a week before using 15 min. intervals
  5. Buy uniforms or add new items to wardrobe
  6. Complete all pending paperwork for registration/get a copy of your child’s immunization chart
  7. Update your calendar with important dates & extra-curricular activities
  8. Make a morning routine & an afternoon routine that will help ease transitions to and from school 

Hope you now feel ready for the new school year!


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