Make school lunches easier with these 4 tips

School Lunches

If you pack your child’s lunch you have an opportunity to communicate with your child in a fun way when they are at school. My daughter is always excited to see the surprise treat in her lunch. Don’t get me wrong, if your child buys lunch at school that is great too. I just never had that option because my oldest is a very picky eater.

Here are a couple ideas that can make lunches easier!

  1. Make a weekly/monthly list of items Other options besides a PB&J sandwich: -muffin -quesadilla -ham or turkey wrap -pizza -chicken nuggets
  2. Rotate a surprise treat ex. fruit gummies, pudding, granola chocolate chip bar
  3. Fill snack bags for entire week on Sunday(this can include fridge & pantry snacks)
  4. Put a special note in lunch once a week/month

Make sure to include these 5 categories/groups:

  1. protein
  2. fruit
  3. veggie
  4. snack
  5. drink

Happy packing!

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