Social Media: Friend or Foe to Moms?


Is Social Media a Friend or Foe to moms? Some might say this is one of the most controversial topics these days. Several people I know stay away from social media because seeing people always “happy” can make them feel unhappy. 

Certain posts can make you often wonder an array of thoughts such as:

Why am I not like that?

What’s wrong with me? 

Am I really happy?

Are my kids having a fun time?

Am I doing enough for them?

These questions can cause a downward spiral of negative thoughts and emotions. I feel this is where social media can become a really bad part of a person’s life.

Some close friends and family members have opened up to me and explained why they don’t use social media. First response was that they don’t like the way it makes them feel. They often feel like their life isn’t good enough because it doesn’t “look like” others profiles /posts. They usually agree the pressure they feel is negative and unnecessary. 

So how can we the people that use social media daily help others?

The answer is pretty simple. By being true to who we are and how we really live life. I am one of those who loves to post the best pics of my kids or the most special memories. Nothing is wrong with that but it is important to also post the “real” things that are going on.

Examples include: 
A child spilling cereal all over the counter.

A child putting her finger in her nose for every photo.

A child playing in a pile of laundry with a mess all around.

A mom looking like a “hot mess” but playing with her happy children.

These are our most common memories the ones that probably happen everyday, so why not try and find a balance of our best moments and the ones that actually happen the most.

You can think about it from your child’s perspective. Do you want them to look back at their childhood photos and only see perfect pictures? Or do you want them to see what their childhood was really like? The fun, loving, happy, funny, crazy mess that it was.

A heart-wrenching moment I experienced where the pressure of social media was at its worse was a summer day at the community pool. A mom was trying too hard to get the perfect picture with her daughter. She spent almost 5 minutes doing this and after she got “the shot” she didn’t play with her daughter or interact in any way. She went and lounged on her chair. Of course I don’t know if she just finished playing with her or if she would in a few.

But what I saw I know happens because I’ve been there.

I have focused too much on getting a cute picture that I would get frustrated and forget about the most important thing, making special memories with my kids. I’m not trying to put the blame on anyone but in the back of my mind was the pressure of social media. I really wanted that perfect picture to post.

So let’s all join together and be REAL.

Let’s post our good days, bad days, struggles, achievements and everything in between! This is where social media shines in the best light. When people find comfort, a laugh or support from a profile. Let’s be our true selves and support one another!!

11 thoughts on “Social Media: Friend or Foe to Moms?”

  1. I love to play with my daughters at the pool! I never understand why moms don’t get in the water and swim with their kids. First of all, it’s hot…get in and cool off and have some fun! Kids don’t care that you just posted a cute picture of them, they just want your attention!

  2. I agree! I have been very good about being in the moment but I do wish I had pictures to document some of those memories. I think if you can find a balance to snap 1 photo and put it away that would be best. They don’t stay small and willing long. Great Post!

    1. I agree with you Valerie. We need to share our authentic self which includes picture perfect moments as well as not so perfect.

  3. Yes, balance is so important! Totally agree with you. I mostly share the not perfect moments in insta stories or snap chat, but I like my instagramfeed looking a bit good 🙈

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