Why You Should Limit Screen Time

Let’s be honest. Do you want your kids constantly consumed with technology?

No. You need to limit screen time not only with tablets but also tv, phones and computers. Too much screen time can negatively effect your child.

Technology can cause health problems such as obesity.

Who wants their child to just sit for hours upon end? We all know that exercise is an important part of staying healthy. There are many activities that promote moving and staying active that are fun for kids of all ages. We need to encourage our children to move everyday!

Technology can cause sleep problems.

When children spend too much time in front of a screen, especially near bedtime, it can cause them to take longer to go to sleep or be restless at night. Studies have shown that the light from our phones and tablets awaken the brain and therefore can cause difficulty going to sleep.

Technology can cause poor social skills.

If you child spends all afternoon on their tablet, phone or in front of a tv they aren’t socializing. Think about your childhood, didn’t you play with neighborhood kids after school? It is important to provide opportunities for your child to interact with other kids.

5 Ways to Limit Screen Time

  • Develop rules– Only have these items in the living room where you can monitor them easily. You can also have certain amount of time allotted to certain apps, for example, educational apps 80% of the time vs. 20% games and videos. Of course this will vary according to age and the specific apps.
  • Set a timer– Decide on a fixed time that is correlated with your child’s age. Use the device’s timer, or a kitchen timer etc.
  • Use screen time as a reward– Offer screen time as a result of good grades or finishing daily chores.
  • Set parental controls– Most often tablets, phones, websites and even tv programs have parental controls. This is a must! It is very easy to set up and makes monitoring your child’s screen time simple!
  • Keep screens out of your child’s bedroom– This of course is the easiest way to monitor your child’s access. It also eliminates the temptation of using a device when it isn’t allowed.

The best tablet, in my opinion, FIRE HD 8

  • Easy Parental Controls– This allows parents to set screen time limits and monitor web browsing for older kids. It also lets you set educational goals by entering your child’s age and setting certain amounts of time for different categories such as reading and math. The age-appropriate content is filtered by your child’s age. This is automatic! You don’t have to do anything else! The best part is that you can monitor through the device or online through the Amazon Parent Dashboard.
  • The case is tough & durable– Kids break stuff so easily and even things that you might think are durable, but the case on this tablet is super tough! If the unthinkable happens, there is a 2-year guarantee.
  • Available on-the-go– You can download your child’s favorite apps, videos and books so then when you are out and about your child can still have access. No need for Wi-Fi!
  • Great for kids ages 3-12– The content is made for a wide variety of ages, so this tablet can last most of their childhood, unlike some products that are only geared toward a couple years at best.
  • Create Multiple Profiles– You can share a tablet with a sibling or use yourself when your kids are in bed.

The Fire HD 8 tablet has become a great addition to our screen time. I just love how I can provide a safe way for my kids to learn and have fun! My 2 year old twins already love their tablets! They like to learn animal sounds, shapes and letters! My six-year old loves the many books available!

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